We want to be transparent with our staff and patients during this challenging time.
With that, we’d like to remind you about precautionary steps. Currently,
As with any public health concern, our infection prevention leaders and physicians work closely with Lane County Public Health to help prevent the spread of this illness. Emergency preparedness and infection control is nothing new for us; it has always been part of our daily regimen, and we remain steadfast in our committed to protecting patients and staff.

We are following the latest guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for screening, testing and infection control, and our entire team meets daily to prepare for all aspects of operations from supply procurement to caring for new patients. Additionally, KeiperSpine and the Spine Surgery Center of Eugene has created stringent protocols to keep patients and staff safe:

  • Visitation restrictions have been implemented to limit exposure to this virus including, triage and early recognition.  Staff who display symptoms of illness are triaged and requested to contact their PCP immediately and follow recommendations to assist in maintaining a safe clinical environment.
  • Limiting entry into the clinic to patients only.  We employ screening questionnaires; according to the latest updated definition, including travel history, cough, fever or respiratory symptoms.  We are applying standard precautions for all patients who enter the facility.
  • Education is provided  reiterating the importance of how to help prevent the spread of illness by being vigilant about hand washing and covering a cough or sneeze and reporting of suspected contact with others at risk. We can offer a mask to patients while they are in the facility if requested or deemed prudent. At this time; and while supply lasts, N95 masks are available to clinical/medical staff.
  • Signs are posted in public areas reminding patients to be self-accountable in reporting, handwashing and adherence to published guidelines.  Patients are encouraged to ask questions and we provide honest answers.
  • Environmental cleaning and disinfection procedures are followed consistently and correctly. As well as medical device and equipment, laundry and medical waste being managed in accordance with the safe routine protocols.

We appreciate each of you.

Tony Ballenger RN, BSN, MBA 
CEO-KeiperSpine, PC
Administrator-Spine Surgery Center of Eugene